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This blog post transcribes an interview from Swedish Channel P4 Norrbotten. ''LKAB söker järnmalm från hög höjd''. LKAB seeks iron ore from the skies.

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In the Summer of 2022, Bell Geospace was one of the data acquisition contractors on an Iron Ore prospecting job for LKAB in Sweden.

Niklas Juhojuntti, LKAB Group Manager of Geophysics was interviewed by local radio. 

This blog article provides a translation of the transcript from the radio show.  

LKAB performs aerial surveys around Kiruna, Svapaavaram Gällivare, and Malmberget, during the months of June and July in search of iron ore.

Prospecting is done with both planes and helicopters and is a part of a long process. Niklas Juhojuntti is the Group Manager of Geophysics within the mining company.

00:22 - 00:37
We have been flying since the tenth of June, and the measurements with the helicopter are now complete. But, the measurements with planes will probably continue during a large part of July.

00:37 - 00:43
We have been flying during the days, both in the mornings and in the afternoons.

00:43 - 00:53
LKAB hopes to find iron ores during their flight measurements, but the measurements do not give an absolute guarantee. The collective data will be analyzed during the upcoming months.

00:53 - 01:08
It is way too early to say anything now. We are still looking at the data and collecting the data.
It is too early to say anything. It might as well be something that is not economical for us.

01:08 - 01:20
There could be other ores that are not economical for us. We have to do more tests to see if there’s any indication for us to examine further.

01:20 - 01:27
The planes fly around 80 meters above the ground. The helicopter, with a hanging measurement antenna, flies at an approximate height of 50 meters.

01:27 - 01:35
To decrease the disturbances near animals and densely populated areas they increase the height to approximately 600 meters.

01:35 - 01:46
Of course it affects the quality of the measurement data. But, it’s something that you just have to accept. We have had a few residents who reached out.

01:46 - 01:48
Then what are they asking about?

01:48 - 01:56

It’s been about them wanting to get more information on when we are going to fly. Which, can be pretty difficult to communicate.

01:56 - 01:59
Wilma Hall, Elias Pålsson, P4 Norrbotten.


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