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A Propensity to Talk Density: Going Airborne
Video, Podcast / Jim White, Executive Director at the SEG | Sean Walker Geophysicist at Campbell & Walker Limited | Eleanor Shaw Senior Mine Geologist at Anglo American / 2021
To make mining more effective and efficient, understanding the big picture of the geology first and foremost will help to prioritize the rest of the data and in which order and scale it is required – and this event discusses the tools to make it happen... Airborne Geophysics! Watch this video on demand to learn how going airborne is the answer.
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A Propensity to Talk Density: Geothermal Exploration 'Takes Flight' with Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG)
Video, Podcast / Alan Morgan / 2021
View this podcast on the applications of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry for Geothermal operations
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A Propensity to Talk Density: It's All About Carbonates
Video, Podcast / Colm Murphy, Graham Banks, Jean Jsieh / 2021
Exploration for critical minerals, base metals the petroleum needed to fuel construction to the green transition are all looking to carbonates... Carbonate exploration requires the right expertise and the right data. At Bell Geospace we provide Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry data for explorers like Graham Banks and Jean Hsieh to work with.
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A Propensity to Talk Density: Minerals and Gravity Gradiometry – The Whole World in Your Hands
Video, Podcast / Gaud Pouliquen, Tim Wright, Tyler Kern / 2021
Gravity and density are both critical to mineral explorers. The art of measuring variations in it with full tensor gravity gradiometry (FTG) , is of key importance to the oil and gas and mining industries. To glean some expert insights, A Propensity to Talk Density host Tyler Kern spoke with experts Dr. Tim Wright, Director and Principal Geoscientist at Scorpion Geoscience Ltd, and Gaud Pouliquen, Business Development Manager EAMEAA at Bell Geospace
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Shallow vs. Deep Subsurface Structures of Central Luconia Province, Offshore Malaysia Reveal by Aeromagnetic, Airborne Gravity and Seismic Data
White Paper / Siti Nur Fathiyah Jamaludin - South East Asia Carbonate Research Laboratory (SEACaRL), Manuel Pubellier - Laboratoire de Géologie, Ecole Normale Superieure, Benjamin Sautter - Commission for the Geological Map of the World / 2021
We have very little information on how the crust (basement) of Central Luconia (all Luconia provinces) behave. This paper is highlighting an E-W elongated structure from the aeromagnetic interpretation (TMI_1vd) which might give an idea on the crustal/basement of Central Luconia. Jamaludin, S.N.F.; Pubellier, M.; Sautter, B. Shallow vs. Deep Subsurface Structures of Central Luconia Province, Offshore Malaysia Reveal by Aeromagnetic, Airborne Gravity and Seismic Data. Appl. Sci. 2021, 11, 5095.
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Sean Walker Joins Mineral Prospectivity Mapping Project
Press Release / Bell Geospace Press / 2021
Bell Geospace is delighted to announce that Professional Geoscientist Sean Walker has joined Bell Geospace’s Botswana Mineral Prospectivity Mapping project. The project is set to automate the process for delineating areas based on their mineral potential and estimate the proportion of economically recoverable undiscovered resources.
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