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Podcast : A Career in Geology
Podcast / Julianne Sharples / 2022
Liam Clark, Geoscientist at Bell Geospace gives career advice to James Davies, a geology student from the University of Birmingham, UK.
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Press Release - Sri Lanka Data Availability
Press Release / Julianne Sharples / 2022
14,000 Line Kilometers of New Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) and Magnetic Data is Now Available for Exploration in Sri Lanka
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Propensity To Talk Density - Podcast - Malaysia
Podcast / Roy Kittrell / 2022
Roy Kittrell, Regional Geologist at Bell Geospace dives into the exploration challenges and opportunities in Malaysia. In a podcast discussion with Tyler Kern, Roy examines how understanding the regional geology from the skies, allows geologists to make more informed decisions in relation to the ongoing bid rounds.
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Propensity To Talk Density - Podcast - Crew
Podcast / Julianne Sharples / 2022
Andrew Searle is a Field Operator at Bell Geospace. In this podcast he discusses his role in using Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry equipment to map density changes in the subsurface. Andrew is very passionate about the aircraft used by Bell Geospace and clearly very knowledgeable in his profession.
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Propensity To Talk Density - Podcast - Operations
Podcast / Mark Baguley / 2022
Keeping operations moving during a global pandemic has not been without it's challenges, but the Bell Geospace team prevailed. In this episode we salute our logistics team as Mark Baguley, Project Director at Bell Geospace is interviewed.
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Annoucement December 13th 2021. A New Airborne Geophysical Survey for Southwest England Begins This Week.
Press Release / Julianne Sharples / 2021
Bell Geospace, an Edinburgh-based airborne geophysical surveying company, is commencing operations this week in the Southwest of the England. The survey will take two to three weeks and involve a plane flying in straight lines at an average height of 200 meters to collect geophysical information on the properties of rocks below the ground. The information being collected creates geological maps. These maps may be used for planning geothermal resources in the area or by domestic mining companies tasked with future-proofing the supply of critical minerals needed to build net-zero economies. The airborne survey involves measuring minor variations in the Earth’s gravitational field. Sensitive measuring equipment located in the aircraft will be used to gather this data. It is a totally passive technique which does not involve sending out any signals or sound waves. Bell Geospace is one of the only two contractors in the world that can do this type of survey. They have been in the geophysical surveying business for over twenty-five years, have an unblemished safety record and an experienced field and office crew. Flights will take place early morning, with take-off at around 6am. Flights typically last between four and five hours. Livestock owners and parishes in the area are being contacted by mail and social media. it is possible for residents and any interested parties to find out more about the survey at or by calling the Bell Geospace community helpline, 0131 202 7144.
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