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GPB Appointed as Agent in Brazil

May 20, 2024
20 May 2024. Rio de Janeiro. GPB and Bell Geospace join forces to enhance resource exploration in Brazil. We announce the signing of a representation agreement between GPB, a leading firm in representing high-technology companies for natural resource exploration in Brazil, and Bell Geospace, a…
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The Relevance & Limitations of FTG in NSG

Sep 1, 2023
Near-surface geophysics constitutes the specialised branch of geophysics primarily concerned with the exploration of the Earth's subsurface within relatively shallow depths, typically spanning from the surface to depths of a few hundred meters beneath the Earth's crust. This discipline harnesses a…
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LatAm's Energy Mix

Sep 15, 2022
Countries and companies in Latin America accepted the challenge to reduce GHG emissions to achieve the goals set by the Paris Accords of 2015. The mix of energy sources must migrate from the current one to something that resembles more the one projected by BP and others. The Circum Pacific Belt…
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Cornwall Survey Update

Aug 9, 2022
Announcement August 9th 2022
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LKAB Interview Translation

Aug 8, 2022
In the Summer of 2022, Bell Geospace was one of the data acquisition contractors on an Iron Ore prospecting job for LKAB in Sweden. Niklas Juhojuntti, LKAB Group Manager of Geophysics was interviewed by local radio. This blog article provides a translation of the transcript from the radio show.
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Are there undiscovered shallow oil reserves in the Delaware Basin?

May 6, 2022
Oil was discovered in a shallow water well fifteen miles northwest of Toyah Texas by J.D. Leatherman in 1903. The oil was thick and viscous and was marketed as grease for windmills at the time, but it was the first documented oil discovery in the Delaware Basin.
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Malaysia 2022 Bid Round is Closing Soon

Apr 29, 2022
Malaysian state's energy sector Petronas announced that they were offering 14 offshore exploration blocks, six clusters of discovered resource opportunities (DRO), and a single cluster of late-life assets (LLA) in their annual bid launched in January.
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Collecting geoscience data does not de-risk projects.

Apr 14, 2022
Graham Banks, Route To Reserves and Southern Geoscience Consultants.
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Sri Lanka Press Event

Sep 20, 2021
Petroleum Resources Development Secretariat (PRDS), The Upstream Oil & Gas Regulatory body of the Government of Sri Lanka organised a press briefing on Wedneday September 15th 2021. Present on the panel were Surath Ovitigama, Director General PRDS, Andrew Searle, Field Supervisor at Bell Geospace,…
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A Q&A with the Author

Jul 15, 2021
A paper based on the Air-FTG and aeromagnetic data interpretation for Central Luconia Province, off the coast Sarawak, offshore Malaysia was published in Special Issue Evaluation of the Crustal Structure, MDPI Applied Sciences Journal. The paper shows how to utilise the airborne gravity and…
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