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Gravity Gradiometry Field Acquisition

Bell Geospace has the most experienced operations team in the gravity gradiometry business, operating the most sophisticated instrument in resource exploration.

Bell Geospace has the most experienced team of gravity gradiometer operators in the world—several of our supervisors have 20+ years of experience and an average of over 10 years. This experience is invaluable when dealing with the complex and subtle issues associated with one of the most sophisticated instruments in resource exploration.

Bell Geospace sends a team of five (three flight crew and two mission specialists) to our remote bases for a monthly rotation. They operate from a local airport inside our Basler BT-67 (Turbo DC-3) mobile lab which is setup to acquire, process and quality check state-of-the-art gravity gradiometry along with scalar gravity and magnetics.

Our typical survey routine on a usual survey day is:

One of our field supervisors was interviewed on a project in Indonesia for Kalimantan Gold (read the interview here). Below is a video showing some survey acquisition activities from that same survey.

This is another video of our airborne operations from Miri, Malaysia. Filmed and edited by one of our pilots.

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