The Malaysia FTG Multi-Client Program includes airborne 3D Full Tensor Gradiometry and magnetic survey data that has been undertaken over offshore Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, covering 376,000 sq kms. Data can be provided in raw format for your bespoke use or interpreted based on requirements by our talented team.

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A large library of data of 300,000+ sq kms fully processed and interpreted FTG data is available immediately with additional datasets for the rest of the program area being planned pre-commitment for areas not yet covered is advised to secure priority acquisition. Data has been acquired on a 2km x 8km line plan and all data is delivered with the full complement of measured tensor components.

These new unambiguous, high resolution and accurate gravity maps from the Malaysia FTG Multi-Client Program depict subsurface complexity across Malaysia and will steer successful outcomes when de-risking projects be it for prospecting, exploration or even deciding which blocks to relinquish.

Example insights from the Malaysia FTG Multi-Client Program per region is tabulated below.

Limit Table

Case studies on Sabah and Sarawak are available now.