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Sri Lanka Multi-Client Programme

The FTG gravity gradiometry and magnetic data information delivered by this programme from Bell Geospace will provide critical information for the upcoming Sri Lanka bidding rounds

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Bell Geospace has been awarded exclusive rights to acquire and provide industry defining multi-client Gravity Gradiometry data for Sri Lanka by the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka FTG Multi-Client Programme includes airborne 3D Full Tensor Gradiometry, gravity and magnetic survey data that will be undertaken over the shallow waters of the Mannar and Cauvery basins over blocks M1, C1 and C2.

With our expertise, advanced data processing and reliable interpretations, the Sri Lanka FTG Multi-Client Programme enables operators to minimise risk while optimising their exploration budget. This acquisition comes in a timely manner, with the revised Hydrocarbon Exploration Blocks Map of Sri Lanka. FTG data will allow operators to revisit vintage seismic and wells and efficiently design new acquisitions.

Data will be acquired on a 1km x 5km line with options for infills, and will be delivered with the full complement of measured tensor components. The primary objective of the survey is to determine the depth to basement, geological trends, volcanic distribution, and the potential for identification of target structures hosting hydrocarbons.

These processed and interpreted FTG data, which will be integrated with additional datasets such as existing 2D seismic data and wells.

FTG data would provide direct indications of:

Analysing Air-FTG® and magnetic data will enhance geological mapping which in turn will change current geological ideas. This will shed light on many unexplored areas within the Mannar and Cauvery basins in a cost effective way, and limit exposure to risk. It will also bring insights into existing seismic data interpretation and optimise the design of new seismic acquisitions.

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Hydrocarbon Exploration Block Map of Sri Lanka which outlines the blocks on offer for Exploration Licenses, Development Licenses and Joint studies

Visit the PDSAL webpage for more details
A wealth of information on the new acreage opportunities, new legislations and new data can be found by visiting the webpage co-hosted with the Petroleum Development Authority of Sri Lanka.
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